Premium food shop with exclusive gourmet products. 

In the O’DELI, you can find selected products that our chefs use in THE O’ROOM and O’NE. Home-made dressings, exclusive seasoning salt, pralines and chocolates as well as high-quality tea blends and the finest wines from high-calibre winemakers. To enjoy at home or as a gift for friends.

O’Deli Highlights

  • Linear. Nordic. Jug made from high-quality ceramic in timeless anthracite. Diameter 10 cm, height 21 cm

    Hübsch – Ceramic Jug

  • Clean and clear. Storage containers made of lightly tinted glass with oak lids. Diameter 20 cm, height 20 cm; diameter 15 cm, height 20 cm

    Hübsch – Set of glass jars with wooden lids

  • Minimalist. Reduced form. Teapot made of white ceramic with five handleless cups. Diameter 13 cm, height 10 cm; diameter 7 cm, height 7 cm

    Hübsch – Ceramic Teapot with five cups

  • Extra virgin olive oil, basil, pine nuts and Parmesan, refined with aromatic spices. Perfect for pasta and more. 180 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Pesto, Basil and Parmesan

  • High-quality acacia honey with preserved walnuts. For refining desserts, dressings and much more. 250 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Honey with Walnuts

  • Fine gourmet salt with red chillies and aromatic garlic. Convenient to use in the practical spice mill. 325 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Salt, Garlic and Chilli


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