Premium food shop with exclusive gourmet products. Curated and created by star chef Tom Wickboldt.

In the O’DELI, you can find selected products that our chefs use in THE O’ROOM and O’NE. Home-made dressings, exclusive seasoning salt, pralines and chocolates as well as high-quality tea blends and the finest wines from high-calibre winemakers. To enjoy at home or as a gift for friends.

O’Deli Highlights

  • Linear. Nordic. Jug made from high-quality ceramic in timeless anthracite. Diameter 10 cm, height 21 cm

    Hübsch – Ceramic Jug

  • Clean and clear. Storage containers made of lightly tinted glass with oak lids. Diameter 20 cm, height 20 cm; diameter 15 cm, height 20 cm

    Hübsch – Set of glass jars with wooden lids

  • Minimalist. Reduced form. Teapot made of white ceramic with five handleless cups. Diameter 13 cm, height 10 cm; diameter 7 cm, height 7 cm

    Hübsch – Ceramic Teapot with five cups

  • Extra virgin olive oil, basil, pine nuts and Parmesan, refined with aromatic spices. Perfect for pasta and more. 180 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Pesto, Basil and Parmesan

  • High-quality acacia honey with preserved walnuts. For refining desserts, dressings and much more. 250 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Honey with Walnuts

  • Fine gourmet salt with red chillies and aromatic garlic. Convenient to use in the practical spice mill. 325 g

    Nicolas Vahé – Salt, Garlic and Chilli


Monday – Sunday 10am – 10pm

Kulmstr. 33 / corner Strandpromenade
17424 Seebad Heringsdorf

Telephone +49 (0)38378 - 183912

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